Why Join us?

Saving through Contribution!

You can save your money through weekly contributions [AKAWO] from anywhere in Nigeria. With our System, you save your money through contributions and withdraw after your savings duration.

Easy Loan System

We offer easy loan System. When you join us you have access to loan without any tedious process and external Guarantors. everything happens within the system.

Become a lifetime Partner

You become our partner and share in every benefits as regards the sales of the company. You earn from any sales the company make through you


We provide you with the following

  • Savings with interest
  • Loan at low interest rate
  • Investment opportunities
  • Connection to business/ project finance
  • Purchase/sales of land, shops, houses/ vehicles etc
  • Comfort and safety transport services( charter)
  • Health/ Household products
  • Consultncy & Training in business/finance

Get in touch

Contact us for more information on the numbers below and visit us if you are near. You may also send your request using the form below and you will be replied accordingly via your email inbox.

  • 157 Faulks Road, Aba. Abia State
  • 090 6933 4001
  • contact@gomcos.com
  • Everyday: 08:00 am - 05:00pm